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An Open Letter to the Goshen College Community

We write to you as students who love Goshen College and care deeply about this community.

We affirm the Goshen College community’s desire to make our school a safe and welcoming place for all people, including students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (GLBTQ). We are grateful for the care offered to GLBTQ students through support groups, advocacy clubs, and meaningful relationships with faculty and peers. We celebrate the many ways in which Goshen College is becoming a place where students can be open about their sexual identity and be affirmed for who they are.

We are disappointed that this support and affirmation does not extend to GLBTQ faculty. We are concerned by the College’s hiring policy, which discriminates against GLBTQ people in committed relationships and discourages current faculty and staff from revealing their sexual orientation to the broader campus community. We are disheartened by the College’s failure to hire openly GLBTQ faculty and staff.

As GLBTQ students, we lament the lack of GLBTQ faculty role models. We sense a significant disconnect between the affirmation we have received from classmates, faculty, and staff and the institutional policies — spoken and unspoken — that discriminate against GLBTQ people. We acknowledge the painful reality that the institution that cared for us as students may not welcome us back to serve a new generation as faculty or staff.

As student allies, we support our GLBTQ classmates and are disappointed by the lack of GLBTQ voices in the Goshen College faculty. We are saddened by the ways Goshen College perpetuates the discrimination that these individuals face in other areas of their lives. We are disheartened when we think of the many talented, passionate individuals who will never be our teachers and mentors because of their sexual orientation.

We wish for Goshen College to become a place that actively seeks the contributions of openly GLBTQ faculty, affirming them as a valued and integral part of this diverse community of passionate learners.

With faith in our community and hope for its future,

The Signers of the Open Letter

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